YouTube Automation – What Is It and How to Do It?

YouTube automation is one of the few online businesses worth starting in 2024, and will still be at least until 2025. And there are many good reasons for that.

The business model can not only provide you the financial independence you seek, but it’s also a simple, beginner-friendly, introvert-friendly and a potential-rich opportunity.

In this article, I’ll explain in detail what you need to know and the steps you should follow, in order to start, do it right and succeed in it. Let’s get straight into the guide!

YouTube Automation – What Is It and How to Do It?

In This Article ⤵️

  1. What is Youtube Automation?
  2. How Does Youtube Automation Work?
  3. How to Start Youtube Automation as a Beginner?
  4. How to Start a Youtube Automation Channel?
  5. How to Choose a Good YouTube Automation Niche?
  6. What is The Best Niche for Youtube Automation Today?
  7. Start Getting Video Ideas
  8. Create Scripts For The Videos
  9. Make Voiceovers For The Videos
  10. Create and Edit The Videos
  11. Create Appealing Thumbnails for The Videos
  12. How To Earn With YouTube Automation?
  13. Some Youtube Automation Examples
  14. FAQ
  15. Final Words

1. What is Youtube Automation?

youtube automation

Simply said, YouTube automation is a business model where instead of doing the recording of the videos and being the face of the channel yourself, you make faceless content which will then be monetized.

Depending on your experience level and financial capacity for investment, you don’t need to edit the videos, or be involved at all in the creation process of the video content even. Instead, you’ll be the person behind the channel.

How Does Youtube Automation Work?

The way YouTube automation works is pretty simple – you create a channel, pick a main topic, get video ideas from similar channels, create the videos, attractive thumbnails and post the content on the channel.

Then, after you get monetized, you start making money from ads. Of course, there are many monetization methods you can and must use, some of which arguably better than adsense. And, with some of those you can start making money in your first week!

The average consistent YouTube automation channel owner is making at least a couple hundred dollars a month, and the ones who take it more seriously and use various monetization methods make 4 to 6 figures per month.

2. How to Start Youtube Automation as a Beginner?

how to start youtube automation as a beginner

All you need to do, in order to start a YouTube automation business as a beginner, and not only, is the following:

  1. Create a channel
  2. Choose a good niche 
  3. Optimize the channel for the specific niche/topic you pick
  4. Get video ideas (by looking at similar channels)
  5. Create scripts, voiceovers, thumbnails for the videos and the videos themselves.

Let’s explain each of the steps to start a YouTube automation channel in detail:

How to Start a Youtube Automation Channel?

To start a YouTube automation channel, first you’ll need to pick your niche, which will be the most important initial step. Then, you’ll need to think of a good channel name related to the niche you chose (you can use ChatGPT to help you).

After that, you’ll need to create a new Google account with the email being the name of the channel ( and use that account for the channel.

Then, you’ll need to put a profile picture and a channel banner. You can easily create such with Canva for free!

Your last step is to set up your channel’s ‘about’ section. Keep it simple, make sure to include some relevant keywords for your niche, and you can use ChatGPT here too for it. Here is an example prompt you can use:

Example Prompt: Write a short YouTube channel description for the ‘About’ section. My channel name is “YourChannelName” and my topic is “Your Topic”. Make sure to include these keywords – “Keyword One, Keyword Two…”

How to Choose a Good YouTube Automation Niche?

How to choose a good YouTube automation niche? This will be your most important and crucial first step to start a YouTube automation channel as a beginner. Why – because it will be one of the biggest factors of your future success.

youtube automation niche

Not only that – it’s one of the biggest income factors too. For example, for 100k views on a video in one niche you will make $800 from ad revenue, but the same amount in another niche will make you $3000.

Also, some niches have huge audiences, some – not that big. This is also a very important thing to look at before choosing yours. Here are the key factors for choosing a good niche:

A good niche has some competition (but is not over saturated), a broader and/or active audience, the opportunity to get quickly to making 4 figures a month and continuously make 4-to-6 figures per month for years to come, good products to promote to make affiliate and/or brand partnerships revenue and has at least some of your interest and/or knowledge.

What is The Best Niche for Youtube Automation Today?

It’s hard to say for sure what is the best niche for YouTube automation, due to many important factors which determine it, but certainly one of the best in 2024 is movie recaps.

The niche is very hot, not over-saturated, has potential for making a lot of money, has a very big and at the same time very active, consistent and striving for content audience.

Start Getting Video Ideas

After you create the channel and optimize it for the niche you choose, it’s time to get some video ideas. The best way to do so is by looking at the videos of your competitors.

The idea here is not to steal the videos, but to get inspired, identify the good elements and implement them, but also identify the stuff that can be improved in the video and make it better.

Of course, you can think of some good ideas yourself, or with the help of ChatGPT by asking it to give you video ideas for your niche. But still, doing competitor research is by far the best way to get great quality and quantity of ideas.

Create Scripts For The Videos

After getting some video ideas, it’s time to create scripts for them. A video without a good script is almost never a good video.

For that, the bigger part of YouTube automators recommend hiring a script writer. This will cost you somewhere between $5 to $10 per script. But, if you don’t have a budget at the beginning, doing so yourself with the help of ChatGPT is almost as good, even better if done correctly.

All you’ll do for that is tell the AI what’s your video idea and all of your requests/recommendations, ask it to write the perfect script for that video and after it’s created, you can manually add, remove and/or fix some parts and you’re good to go!

Make Voiceovers For The Videos

When you have the script, someone has to narrate it, right? This is also a very important thing to do right, even more important than the script – bad narration = 0 watchtime = no money.

Even still in 2024, the best way to make voiceovers for your videos is to hire a professional from Fiverr or Upwork with perfect English, preferably American, or you can do it yourself if you possess great english and good vocal tonality.

But, there are some insanely good AI tools that can narrate any script for you. One of the best tools that can do that and the two I highly recommend are ElevenLabs and Murf. They are so good that paying for human voiceover may make you feel stupid.

Edit and Create The Videos

Editing the videos will probably be the hardest part of the creation process. For this step, a lot of YouTube Automation channel owners hire professionals to do the editing for them.

Which is probably the best way to do so, especially if you have 0 experience and knowledge of how a good video would look like.

But the truth is that outsourcing the video editing is not cheap, usually costing from $30 to $200 per video. That makes this impossible to do for people with no budget. That’s where those people, which you may be one of, should do the editing themselves.

The good news is that nowadays there are awesome editing tools, including AI tools too. Also, you can get ideas from videos of your competitors. And, after editing a couple videos, you’ll quickly get it and in the process you’ll be learning a valuable high-income skill!

Create Appealing Thumbnails for The Videos

Creating appealing thumbnails is the last part of creating your videos. It may seem as the easiest part at first, but it’s very important to make attractive thumbnails.

People tend to firstly judge the book by its cover, right? Or in other words – if your video as a whole is awesome, but your thumbnail sucks, no one will know that the video is great.

Knowing the fact that thumbnails are what makes people click on videos most of the time, having great ones will make a lot of people click on your videos, even if the content in them is not the best. Judging the book by its cover can very much work in your favor.

Here, I highly recommend hiring professionals on Fiverr or Upwork to make them for you, especially if you don’t have experience in making great ones. This will usually cost you around $5 per thumbnail, but trust me – it’s worth it, especially if you find and work with a great professional.

But of course, if you don’t have any budget to spend, you can create them yourself, but make sure to put effort in. You can get ideas and inspiration by researching your competition.

3. How To Earn With YouTube Automation?

how to earn with youtube automation

After all, probably the most important question of all appears – how to earn with Youtube Automation?

The awesome news is that there is not just 1 monetization method, but a couple. And, each of which has its benefits, opportunities and scaling potential. The 4 best monetization methods are the following:

AdSense Monetization

AdSense monetization is the most preferred way to generate money with YouTube automation for a lot of people involved in the business.

The reason for that is simple – the income is super passive and after you get monetized, the money just keeps coming in.

This is the monetization method every YouTube channel uses and the easiest way to make money from your videos after your channel gets monetized.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is another awesome way to generate revenue with YouTube automation. This is basically making money by promoting someone else’s products and/or services.

youtube automation

The way this works is simply putting the affiliate links in the descriptions of the videos and/or sometimes mentioning the products/services you’ll promote in the videos. But what should you promote?

Just think about what exactly would make sense for your audience to buy from you. For example, if you are making videos about crypto, it would make sense to promote cryptocurrency apps for instance.

To find such relevant affiliate programs for your niche, just do a Google search by typing your niche and ‘affiliate programs’ next to it and do a quick research. Pick the best ones, get the affiliate link, start promoting and making money!

Brand Sponsorships/Deals

Another way to monetize is with brand sponsorships and deals. This is when you get paid in advance to promote someone’s brand. You have probably seen at least once your favorite YouTuber say something like “this video is sponsored by (X company)”

The good thing is that you don’t need to have a big channel to make money with brand deals.

It’s a win-win situation – the company gets to pay you some money, instead of 5X that amount on some Facebook ads for example, and you get to earn great money by just producing a video and mentioning them.

A channel with less than 10 000 subscribers can easily charge from $500 to $3000 for a video, depending on the niche, and the company gets to promote their brand to a loyal audience interested in that niche.

To get brand sponsorships, make sure to put your business email in the ‘About’ section of your channel. You can also find companies on LinkedIn and reach out to their marketing executives.

Selling Digital Products

Selling digital products is another monetization method that is making people rich. Examples of digital products you can sell are ebooks, courses, PDFs, etc.

This is the hardest monetization method, because you’ll need to create a valuable digital product. But many YouTube automators love it, because it has 100% profit margins and once you create the product, you can sell it unlimited times.

4. Some Youtube Automation Examples

Most likely would love to see some YouTube automation examples if you can’t think of such channels right now. Here I singled out a few for you:


some youtube automation examples

Have you ever watched a video from a guy with a cool and creepy voice presenting scary horror stories and stuff? Does the YouTube channel Chills sound familiar to you?

The channel has more than 6.2 million subscribers right now and according to Social Blade, he is making $20k per month just from adsense alone!

This is a lot of money, especially considering the fact that this niche isn’t very profitable and right now the channel is getting around 200K views per video on average.

Popcorned Planet

A lot of people want to know the latest news & information about famous celebrities. That’s what the popular channel Popcorned Planet is providing to this audience.

The channel is in the ‘celebrity news’ niche and has above 730k subscribers. According to Social Blade, it’s making around $10k per month with an average 40k views per video just from adsense alone, which is insane.


some youtube automation examples

Billions of people watch and love a sport. What about having a YouTube automation channel that makes content about arguably the most famous of them all – soccer?

That’s what the channel called TKHD is doing. It’s making awesome soccer content – funny and crazy moments, awesome goals – everything that can be produced around soccer.

What I’ve noticed about this channel is that its last video uploaded is almost half a year ago. But this doesn’t stop it from generating a lot of money – still to this day, just from ads alone the channel is making around $15k per month.

This shows how powerful YouTube is when it comes to generating passive income. Once you publish your content, it can continue to make money for you months, even years after it’s published!


Is YouTube Automation Legit?

Yes – YouTube automation is absolutely legit. Every person is watching such a channel, or has watched such content at least once before. And you probably know many automation channels.

Have you ever watched a horror story, sport news, news about a celebrity person, or any video that involves a person talking about a certain topic with music and appropriate image/video content in the background? That’s Youtube automation.

The huge amount of such content is direct proof that the business model is real and legit.

Is YouTube Automation Easy?

Let’s put it this way – it’s definitely not easy, but it’s simple. It requires time, effort and consistency, some investments too.

But the business model is pretty simple and easy to follow even as a beginner and if anybody puts enough time, effort and consistency, they’ll eventually make it!

Does YouTube Automation Work?

Yes – it does work, the proof is all over YouTube, but it has to be done right in order for it to work and actually make you money. If you follow the full guide we presented in this article, it’ll definitely work!

Is YouTube Automation Profitable?

Yes, it’s profitable, and it can be very profitable especially if you do it the right way.

Every day you are looking at the proof of that – there are tons of YouTube automation videos and channels on YouTube, some of which you’re probably watching sometimes. If it wasn’t profitable, why would people do it, right?

Final Words

youtube automation

YouTube automation provides a huge opportunity for everyone, regardless of age and experience level, to make extra passive income online or even ensure your financial independence.

The business model is simple and the competition is still not much. Don’t waste any more time!

Follow the guide and every tip we provided for you, dedicate a few hours a day for a couple years in the business and become successful!

The 2 Most Effective Ways To Do YouTube Automation

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