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FundTheYouth – How Did It Start?

FundTheYouth.com started its beginning in 2022 with the initiative of the owner – Aleksandar. He is a young admirer and lover of digital marketing, entrepreneurship and online business in general.

But this did not arise from early and instantly – in his early teenage years, he often became an observer and listener of people who secured their financial stability and even independence through the Internet.

He, growing up in a country in South-Eastern Europe from the former socialist bloc in a conservative family, did not take these “stories” seriously – he thought that the people in those stories were lucky or some scammers and something impossible for 99% of people to actually do.

From his early teens he also worked in his father’s farming business – hard physical work, which contributed to his thoughts on “online business” and “successful online careers”. But with the frequent and growing testimonies of people from the Internet circles – young, old, smart, not so smart, securing very good stable incomes and even financial independence, he begins to wonder if he is wrong somewhere and if there are others, better, less exhausting ways to make money.

With that, he started a YouTube channel where he uploaded videos related to a video game he was good at. Within almost 1 year he uploaded more than 100 videos. He achieved several tens of thousands of views, but eventually stopped with this venture – the content in this game in that time slowly died and he did not earn anything.

This discouraged him, but for a short time – he started looking for other ways to make money online. After lots of Googling and learning about many ways to do so, he tried several ways, but mostly came across methods that weren’t for him or that required hours to make a few bucks. But that wasn’t what he was looking for – he was looking to create his own online business or venture, not just to make a few extra dollars.

After some time in the research process, he fell in love with passive income – making good money while you sleep. This is how he entered the realm of affiliate marketing. After a relatively short time, it was through affiliate marketing that he received money online for the first time – he earned his first $70 bucks in a few weeks of work with almost zero experience!

At this point he realized that online money is real and after some time he decided to get serious and start a big online venture. In a few years he learned a lot about online and digital marketing, passive income, ways to make money online, SEO and the financial internet world in general.

And so, fundtheyouth.com was born! FundTheYouth is a financial blog that strives to educate, motivate, help and present multiple ways to the youth to build their financial stability and independence.

Aleksandar, together with a team of two additional people, want to show and review the ways to achieving financial stability online to as many people as possible – just like Alexander himself started getting into this awesome, full of opportunities and money digital world. FundTheYouth is your companion and path to your financial success!

In FundTheYouth, you can learn and start with the following:

  1. Business Education: You are ambitious individual who wants to start an online business on their own, just like Alexander? In this category of our blog, you can learn about some great business models and ideas, some of the best online businesses to start in 2024 and how to grow them.
  2. Make Money Ideas: Want to start making money online? In this category of our blog, you can learn about various ways, methods and secrets to start making some extra cash or make a decent online income stream
  3. Brand Comparisons: In this category of our blog, we are creating detailed reviews and comparisons of various platforms – best hosting platforms, best accounting platforms, etc.
  4. Online & Digital Marketing: In this category of our blog, you can delve into the awesome and full of opportunities world of digital marketing, learn about various online marketing strategies and how to implement them to grow your online business.
  5. Blogging Odyssey: In this category of our blog, we will teach everything you need to know about blogging, including all the secrets and tips, which will skyrocket your blog/website to the first pages of Google!
  6. Top Online Jobs: Maybe you are not into the idea of starting an online business, but still want to make a living by working from home by having an awesome online job. In this category of our blog, you can learn about our top online job suggestions for the youth.

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