Faceless Youtube Automation – The Best Business for Introverts

Faceless YouTube automation is one of the best online businesses to start in 2024. It is also great for introverts, simply because the channel owner doesn’t have to reveal himself ever.

More reasons the business model is awesome is the fact that literally anyone can do it, it’s very simple, the potential to make life-changing money is huge, the monetization methods are many and you get to work from home.

Now, let’s get straight into our guide on how to make big money by doing faceless YouTube automation!

Faceless Youtube Automation – The Best Business for Introverts

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  3. How to Produce Quality Content?
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  5. Final Words – How to Succeed?

What is Faceless Youtube Automation?

faceless youtube automation

Faceless YouTube automation is a business model where instead of being the face of a YouTube channel yourself, you make faceless content which will then be monetized.

And, you also don’t have to be involved in the creation process of the videos, depending on your financial capabilities to invest.

For example, if you have a small budget, you can hire someone to create appealing thumbnails for the videos, instead of you doing it. Or, you can use automation tools like Vidnami to do the editing for you.

How to Start a Faceless Youtube Automation Channel?

faceless youtube automation

The first step to start a faceless YouTube automation channel is to pick a good niche, which will be the most important initial step.

After you pick one, you’ll need to think of a good channel name related to the niche you chose (you can use ChatGPT to help you).

Then, you need to create a new professional Google account with the email being the name of the channel (yourchannelname@gmail.com). Make sure to use that account for the channel.

After that, it’s time to put a profile picture and a channel banner. You can easily create such with Canva for free!

Your last step is to set up your channel’s ‘about’ section – keep it simple and make sure to include some relevant keywords for your niche. You can ask ChatGPT for some help.

How to Produce Quality Content?

Of course, producing quality content is what will attract visitors, build an audience and generate you money in return. Here are some very important tips you must know and implement, in order to create the best content:

Competitor Research

The best way to understand how your videos should look is by looking at your competitors’ content.

The idea is not to steal their content, but to get inspired. The key here is to get ideas, inspiration, look at what their content lacks and and implement it in your videos.

That’s what will make you stand out, which in return will attract and more importantly, retain visitors.

Make the Best Scripts for Your Videos

The vast majority of your videos must have good video scripts. To do such, you can ask ChatGPT to create one for you by pointing out in your prompt what your video idea is and all of your requests/recommendations.

But hey – don’t use it right away. The idea here is to get a blueprint, and then make some necessary changes, which will transform it into a staggering piece!

There is a better way to do it, especially if you are a beginner just starting out. The best way to create a script is by hiring a professional to do it for you. But of course, if you don’t have a budget to spend, doing it yourself with the help of AI is still okay, especially if you put some time into it!

Make the Right Voiceovers for Your Videos

Having good voiceovers in your videos is crucial to retain your viewers. Without a doubt, you can get the best voiceovers by hiring a professional.

But, if you don’t have a budget to invest in the faceless YouTube automation business, you can either narrate yourself or use the best AI voiceiver tools.

The 2 best AI voiceover tools are ElevenLabs and Murf – choose the one you like more and you’re good to go!

Edit Your Videos Masterfully

Obviously, your videos should be edited as well as possible. Most faceless YouTube automation channel owners hire professional editors to do the editing for them, which is also the best way to do it.

But, again, if you don’t have a budget to invest, you can do the editing yourself. To do it effectively, do your competitor research and implement the strategies the most viral channel of your niche has.

And, you can use awesome tools like Vidnami to do a lot of the editing for you.

Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Creating the best thumbnails possible is one of the most important parts to drive more viewers. Awesome thumbnails = more clicks.

If you don’t outsource it, you will create them yourself with the help of some tools, but make sure to put effort in. And, you can get ideas and inspiration by researching your competition.

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Final Words – How to Succeed?

faceless youtube automation

The same way as for any business, the key to succeed is in patience and consistency. Most people tend to give up as soon as they start to face some difficulties. That applies for any business, not just faceless YouTube automation.

Be consistent and patient, give your best effort executing every single step of the process and learn as you go. And, make sure to utilize different monetization methods – from adsense to brand sponsorships.

Success in every realm is not a possibility – it’s a guarantee if you stay consistent and work hard enough. 2024 is your year!

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