10 Best Shopify Dropshipping Apps To Boost Your Sales (In 2024)

Are you searching for the best Shopify dropshipping apps to boost your sales and improve your store?

In this article, I will reveal to you the top 10 most essential Shopify dropshipping apps that you need in 2024. Let’s dive in!

The Top Shopify Dropshipping Apps:

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  1. Shopify Flow
  2. Judge.me Product Reviews
  3. Assortion App
  4. Sweet Upsell
  5. Uplinkly Sticky Cart
  6. CopyGenius
  7. Lucky Orange
  8. Quizzel App
  9. Pixcleaner Background Remover
  10. Powerful Contact Form Builder
  11. Important Final Words

Shopify Flow

best shopify dropshipping apps

This is one of the Shopify dropshipping apps on the list I highly recommend using.

With Shopify Flow, you can automate pretty much anything – when products fall below a certain level of inventory, reordering and restocking certain products, etc. On top of that, you will get notified too!

For example, when a product of yours fell below a certain level of inventory, you will get notified and you can take action to not put it in your marketing materials, because marketing a product that is low in stock is bad marketing.

The app is completely free if you have the Shopify Advanced or Plus Plan. It’s made by Shopify themself, so you can get quality support anytime you need it, which is awesome.

Judge.me Product Reviews

best shopify dropshipping apps

The Judge.me Shopify dropshipping app is great because not only does it have a clean look, but you have more availability and options for the free plan that you get, compared to similar apps.

The app is great especially for people who are just starting out and have or want to invest small amounts of money. It provides a very easy way to import AliExpress reviews to your store, in order to make it more professional and credible, which means more sales!

Assortion App

best shopify dropshipping apps

The Assortion app is going to increase your average order value, which is a very needed thing in 2024 because of the rising cost of ads. And, every time you can add an extra order, get somebody to buy an extra unit of your product, you’ll be paying the same add cost for one customer.

You should work on maximizing how much that single customer spends. That’s exactly what this Shopify dropshipping app will do. The great thing about it is that it’s proven to make dropshippers more sales.

The app is very essential – not only will help you make more money, but it’s making the customer feel as if he is getting a deal and it’s making your product page better and differentiated from other stores, so using this app is a must.

Sweet Upsell

The Sweet Upsell app is a variation of the Assortion app. But there is a major difference – it’s operating on post purchase, unlike Assortion, which makes it essential.

The way it works is after a customer purchases from your store and completes their first purchase, it will ask them something like “Hey, before the time expires, do you want to add this extra item onto your order for an extra $8?” This way you can give discounts to people who have purchased your product, which boost literally everything about your store.

Customers will be able to see this sort of message only if they have purchased from your store. And the reason this is so good and important is because it will not interrupt the client’s buying process. The app has proven ROI and I highly recommend it.

Uplinkly Sticky Cart

best shopify dropshipping apps

This Shopify dropshipping app will do a lot for your store’s optimization. Simply said, the app increases the visibility of your “add to cart” button, because it’s impossible for a customer to purchase without adding to cart first.

This is why this process should be very accessible and easy for your clients – that’s what Uplinky Sticky Cart does. It will give your visitors the option to always add to cart, which will not only increase your add to cart rate, but increase your sales. It’s free too!


We all know how cool ChatGPT is, right? This app uses AI to write marketing copy for your products, but it does it in one click.

Instead of using ChatGPT, you can save even more time by downloading this Shopify dropshipping app and automatically writing high converting product descriptions.

CopyGenius is great especially for dropshippers with a lot of products, because of the time-saving benefit it provides, so I recommend it especially for those people.

Lucky Orange

best shopify dropshipping apps

This Shopify dropshipping app is a game-changer – it’s equivalent to installing security cameras on your home. Lucky Orange basically works by creating heat maps and replay videos of customers’ activity sessions in your store.

This way every time a customer comes through, you’re able to see exactly where your pages need to be optimized, fixed, what is turning the customers away, etc. It’s literally telling you what’s bad and what to improve!

But remember – you shouldn’t keep the app on your store for more than 2 months. Why – because it’s for testing purposes and will slow down your website. But, the information you will get from it, will definitely make up for that month or two.

Quizify App

This Shopify dropshipping app will be very helpful for you especially if you have a lot of products that are similar with slight differences. These slight differences can confuse your customers to the point they just give up purchasing from you.

Quizify is going to guide shoppers to the products that fit their needs with smart product recommendation quizzes. Aside from helping you make sales, there’s two reasons why the app is so helpful.

First, it reduces returns, because it helps customers find the right products in the first place. And secondly, it acts as a digital sales rep to provide a better shopping experience for your customers.

Pixcleaner Background Remover

best shopify dropshipping apps

The name of this one of the Shopify dropshipping apps speaks for itself. Simply said, the app will remove the background of the images of your products.

It’s not expensive too – it will charge you between 5 cents to 20 cents per image. Pixcleaner Background Remover is very helpful for the dropshippers and physical store owners and the great thing is it will cost you nothing to install.

Powerful Contact Form Builder

What this Shopify app does is you can create professional looking forms without any coding. If you need something more robust than just first name, last name and email, you will love it.

You can build forms like a bulk order form for example. Powerful Contact Form Builder integrates with some popular apps like MailChimp and Klaviyo. The best part is that you can show this form pretty much anywhere – on your home page, cart page, etc.

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Important Final Words

best shopify dropshipping apps

These are the 10 best shopify dropshipping apps you need to know and use, in order to have a more appealing store and generate more sales.

But, a very important advice I should give you is to be careful uploading a lot of Shopify dropshipping apps into your store. Why – because the more apps you add, more codes will be added to your site’s theme, which can slow down your store.

A slower website will decrease your sales, so you must find that perfect balance. To prevent this, remember – in this scenario, less is more, so I would recommend not adding more than 5-6 apps.

So yeah – take advantage of the information provided here, create your Shopify store if you haven’t already, if you are a beginner learn the easiest way to start dropshipping in 2024 and enjoy your journey and success!

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