How To Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face?

Affiliate marketing is great, but most entrepreneurs do it through YouTube, for example. What about the people that have the skills and the desire to do it, but prefer to do so privately? Here, we will show you how to do affiliate marketing without showing your face.

In today’s world, most people strive to make good money and become financially independent. Without a doubt, probably the best way to achieve this in 2024 is through the internet.

And, one of the best ways to make money through the internet is with affiliate marketing. But how to do so without showing your face? Let’s dive in!

Can You Do Affiliate Marketing Without Showing Your Face?

Yes, you absolutely can. There are few ways you can do so, and in this article I’ll reveal to you the 2 best ways to do so in 2024!

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1. Start Your Own Website

how to do affiliate marketing without showing your face

Creating your own website is one of the few online businesses worth starting in 2024 and one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing without showing your face.

Why? Because everyone, regardless of their age can start, it doesn’t require a lot of knowledge and capital, the bulk of your income will be in passive income and of course, you won’t need to show your face ever!

Another great thing is that in 2024 it’s 10 times easier to create and manage a website. We live in the AI era, which comes with many opportunities. For example, you can create your dream website in a few minutes with 10Web – an AI website builder that changed the game significantly.

There are 2 main types of websites that you can create, in order to do affiliate marketing without showing your face and start making a living from it. Let’s reveal them:

Blog Website

Starting a blog is the most preferred way to start a website business.

And for a good reason. It’s giving people the opportunity to start an online business and make a living by writing about a subject/topic they know and understand pretty well, or have a passion about.

There are many ways you can monetize your blog – display ads, sponsored content, courses, paid communities, and of course – affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the most popular way to monetize a blog and very often the most profitable monetization method. But how to utilize it?

It’s very simple! Let’s say you are passionate about fishing and you have a fishing blog, and you are writing an article about the 10 best fishing rods. When revealing the fishing rods, you can use affiliate links for each 10 of them and whenever somebody likes one, clicks your link and purchases the product, you’ll get a portion of the sale, depending on the affiliate offer/program.

Awesome, right? If the average price of those fishing rods is $50 for example, and the commission you’ll make is 20%, you’ll be making $10 for each sale just from that one article only! That’s what makes affiliate marketing so powerful.

Affiliate Website

how to do affiliate marketing without showing your face

The second best website type to do affiliate marketing without showing your face is, of course, affiliate marketing website.

The idea here is to create a website without spending a lot of time writing blog articles, like in blog websites, but to choose a potential-rich and lucrative niche, and promote the products/services of that niche!

One example of such a niche is the tech niche. Let’s say you have such a website. What you’ll need to do is keep up with the new tech and update your site by doing quick reviews on it and of course, putting affiliate links. An example of a successful tech website is Techradar.

This website type has huge potential to generate large amounts of money. The key is to build trust and credibility through honest and attractive reviews and valuable content. By doing so and being consistent, eventually you’ll get more and more visitors, which will then convert into buyers!

2. YouTube Automation

Another awesome way to do affiliate marketing without showing your face is with YouTube automation. This business model is relatively new and it provides a great opportunity to make passive income online.

It’s great for a variety of reasons – anyone, regardless of their age can do it, it’s very introvert-friendly, potential-rich and beginner-friendly. And it can be very lucrative too.

Simply said, YouTube automation is a business model where instead of being the face of the channel yourself, you make faceless content which is then monetized. Depending on your budget and willingness to invest, you may not be involved in the video creation process at all.

That being said, there are 2 main methods you can do YouTube automation. For detailed information on each of them, check our full article on the topic.

And, if you want to learn everything you’ll need to know about the business model, make sure to read our full step-by-step guide on how to succeed in YouTube automation.

Final Words

how to do affiliate marketing without showing your face

Starting a website and YouTube automation are one of the best ways to do affiliate marketing without showing your face, and there’s a lot of proof for that – there are tons of websites and a lot of YouTube automation channels which guarantee their owner’s financial independence.

But of course, there are more great ways to do affiliate marketing privately, one example being dropshipping. While it may be harder and not as beginner-friendly as our top picks in this article, it’s still awesome and can be even more lucrative.

If you want to learn about the easiest way to start dropshipping in 2024, you can read our step-by-step article on the topic.

To succeed in any of those methods, you must do the basics, follow our guides, implement our tips and be consistent. The natural consequence to that is success!

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