Side Hustles For Teens: 7 Awesome Options For Beginners

Are you ready to step into the future of teen entrepreneurship with our awesome side hustles for teens? In 2024, the opportunities for teenagers to start making money online have never been more exciting.

The days of traditional jobs are gone – today you have the power to carve your own path and transform your spare time into a productive and profitable venture! In this article, we will reveal and explain the best 7 side hustles for teens in 2024.

Not only that – we will provide you the level of difficulty and the potential earnings for each of the side hustles. Let’s dive straight in!

The Best Side Hustles For Teens In 2024:

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  1. Blogging
  2. Reselling on Ebay
  3. Etsy Print On Demand
  4. Youtube Automation
  5. Freelancing
  6. Dropshipping
  7. Affiliate Marketing


side hustles for teens
  • Potential Earnings: $100 to $10 000 per month
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Blogging is easily one of the best side hustles for teens to start in 2024. And if any of you think it’s hard – that’s far from the truth, especially from the recent years.

Everybody has a knowledge and/or passion about a certain topic – that’s mainly what you need in order to start blogging, and 99% of people most definitely possess this need. Another reason why it’s easier than before to start today is that you don’t need to create your website yourself – AI can do that for you!

The platform that can do that is 10Web. 10Web will create your awesome website in just minutes and all you will need to do is fill in your preferences. To learn the simple process of how to create your website with 10Web, check our article about the topic.

Meet the AI Website Builder – How to Start Using It

Reselling on Ebay

  • Potential Earnings: $100 – $5000 per month
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Reselling on eBay is a great side hustle for teens very few people know and are talking about. You probably get the idea by now – you will be involved in buying cheap products from the platform that is selling it for the lowest price and reselling it on eBay to get quick and good profit.

There are many advantages, starting from that anyone over 13 can start, you can do it with very little capital, it’s easy to get started and most importantly – you will learn a lot about sales, which is a highly sought after and very important high income skill.

There are a couple disadvantages, which you probably already know. Most niches are hard to scale and it’s not easy to get initial sales. But still, reselling on eBay is one of the very solid side hustles for teens in 2024 that for sure deserves its place on this list!

Etsy Print On Demand

side hustles for teens
  • Potential Earnings: $100 – $6000+ per month
  • Difficulty: Moderate

For the creative souls, etsy print on demand allows you to showcase your artistic skills by designing products like t-shirts, mugs, posters – whatever you decide. With the help of print-on-demand services, such as Printify, you don’t need to handle inventory or shipping.

There are many advantages – your designs will be printed and shipped directly to customers and you will be doing exactly 0% of that work, which is giving you the freedom to focus on your creativity and marketing efforts. Also, you only need very small capital and you can leverage the AI era by creating endless awesome designs with the power of AI.

The main disadvantage is the same as the one for some businesses and side hustles – this is not a get-rich-quick method and it will take some time to start making money. But overall, it’s one of the easiest and best online side hustles for teens to start doing in 2024.

Note: All Etsy account owners must be at least 18 years old. But don’t worry – you can create it with your parent’s or 18+ sibling’s information, or any legal adult. And once the account is created, you can use it as your own regardless of your age!

Youtube Automation

  • Potential Earnings: $500 – $10 000+ per month
  • Difficulty: Easy to Advanced

Youtube automation is a relatively new and a very hot money making method that is rapidly growing in popularity. Why – because it’s allowing you to make big money in the form of passive income, the competition is still relatively low, it’s very easy to automate with a team later on and it doesn’t require you to show your face/personhood.

Of course, there are some disadvantages – it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme and it will require some capital, although you can absolutely do it with little to no capital, which will only make it a little more time consuming and your earnings may start to appear later.

Youtube automation is one of the few online money making methods worth starting in 2024 and it is for certain one of the best and most profitable side hustles for teens. To learn in detail how to start your youtube automation journey, check out our detailed explanation here.

How To Start Youtube Automation Business – Full Guide


side hustles for teens
  • Potential Earnings: $200 to $7000 per month
  • Difficulty: Medium

Wanna make great money by selling your skills online? Freelancing is the perfect side hustle for teens that can make that possible for you. There are many advantages to starting to freelance. You can sell any skill you have, you can start at the age of 13 years old, it’s very easy to automate with a team later on, etc.

But, there are also some disadvantages. The disadvantages are that it’s not easy to find your first clients and the possibility that the income you will make will most likely be inconsistent. Some months you will make $2k, another – $5k and another – $400 bucks. But overall, freelancing is still one of the best and most preferred side hustles for teens in 2024.

Start Freelancing On Fiverr Now


  • Potential Earnings: $500 to $20 000+ per month
  • Difficulty: Medium to Advanced

You thought dropshipping is dead? That’s very far from the truth. The main reason people are saying it’s dead is because it’s not so easy anymore, as it used to be a couple years ago. Also, the market has changed and the strategies that worked 7 years ago don’t work today. The truth is most of the time it won’t be easy to start making the money that dropshipping can generate – and that’s why dropshipping is not easy at all.

Dropshipping is still one of the most lucrative and with highest potential to provide your financial freedom side hustles for teens/businesses in 2024. The possibilities are endless, and yes – the money you can make are also endless. Let’s say you are selling a couple of products for $30 and you will make 50%, or $15 profit from them.

If only one of those products gets popular, let’s say 10 000 people buy it, you will make $150k just like that, from only 1 product! Yes, it will take time to learn some marketing strategies and to create an appealing store. And, it can require some capital, depending on the dropshipping method you go with. But, with enough consistency and by doing the right things, your financial independence will be guaranteed!

Affiliate Marketing

side hustles for teens
  • Potential Earnings: $100 to $10 000+ per month
  • Difficulty: Easy to Medium

Affiliate marketing is without a doubt one of the most popular, potential-rich and lucrative side hustles for teens in 2024. You probably already know what affiliate marketing is – in short, it’s simply the process of promoting someone else’s product/service and getting a piece of the cake.

Affiliate marketing has a lot of benefits. You can start with literally $0 dollars, the potential to scale up to $10k per month is huge and you can combine it with blogging.

This way you will have multiple income streams – ad revenue and sponsored posts from your blog + the affiliate marketing you do in your blog. To learn how to integrate affiliate marketing in your website, make sure to check our guide on how to do so.

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